Hi everyone! In this writing, we will discuss Zoom application with its full of success and interesting story. Some brands are so powerful that the entire company they serve is known by their brand name. Paper tissue “selpak”, packaged coffee “nescafe”, soft jelly candies “jelly beans”… Zoom has come to mind when it came to the video calls we use many times during this difficult period that we have been away from our loved ones, our work and our school for about a year.

The Winner of Coronavirus

A world that had to be locked up at home… Humans are social beings. They want to stay in touch, be able to communicate. The bread which has been made of due to boredom, various dessert recipes, endless sports and besides many others, video chat as the only source of communication… The history of Zoom back to much older even though its recognition reached the peak during the pandemic. The story of a young man who made a 10-hour train journey in order to see his girlfriend in the first grade of the university in the 90’s, dreamed of a video call and based on his life-changing journey.


Who is Eric YUAN, the founder of Zoom?

It is clear the platform which responds to needs at every level of life from primary school students to universities, from giant companies to ministries did not come into existence in easy ways. Eric Yuan who is the founder and CEO of Zoom had dreamed of traveling from China to Silicon Valley from a young age and he decided to gird his loins for the dream after hearing a speech from Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates. He struggled to obtain a visa for 2 years. He was finally able to get a US visa after being denied 8 times. He made his way to Silicon Valley in 1997 when he was 27 years old. Yuan started working at the video conferencing software company WebEx with the authority of the software information he provided.


After 8 times failed to get US Visa

Ten years later, WebEx was sold to Cisco for $ 3.2 billion and became Cisco Webex. Furthermore, Yuan became the vice president of engineering of the tech giant and his salary reached 6 figures. However, Yuan was unhappy. He would later explain he never felt happy when he woke up in any morning, he was dragging his heels on the way to the office most of the time. Although his first few years in Cisco were “great”, Yuan began to realize that he did not see a single happy customer about video conference product of Cisco Webex because Cisco did not want to transfer its product to cloud platforms and this caused difficulties for customers especially during the installation stages. Yuan even said to an investor Bill Tai who is one of the first supporters of the platform that one day someone would build something on the cloud and this is going to kill him.

Chasing the Dreams

Of course, it was a big mistake to reject Yuan’s project. In the light of this, Yuan at the crossroads decided to leave Cisco by following his dreams in 2011. Yuan who expressed he had the greatest difficulty in convincing his wife in this process said he knew the process he entered was long and difficult, but he would regret it if he did not try. Eric Yuan successfully persuaded his wife and while looking for a product and the funds needed to start a new company, he began developing his own video conferencing software platform by laying the foundations of the platform which enters our homes and offices today.

The Fruits of the Labors

During this period, Yuan and his team continued to work at a shabby office building in Santa Clara for two years. Zoom was launched and the whole process started after that. Platform client was able to find out instantly about what kind of devices you were using. That means Zoom does not need different versions for Mac or PC. There was also a software layer which protected the errors that can occur when a browser like Chrome, Firefox, and Safari sent an update. Most importantly, Zoom was able to work even at 40 percent data loss. Thus, it enabled high performance even on poor internet connections.

Jim Mercer who is currently head of customer success at Zoom was working at competitor GoToMeeting when he opened a Zoom account to see what was happening. Mercer then explained this experience, “We have started using the platform with a single click and we were able to talk to 25 people at once, it was incredible.” Marketing value has reached 25.5 billion dollars by 50 percent increasing as a result of the public offering of company shares in Zoom which was offered to the public in 2019. Even though Zoom has a lot of opponents, it succeed to stand out among them in some way. We can say it is a “real success story” for the platform which became the focus of the users with its ease of use, speed and effective features. After eight times visa refusals, six figures rejected salary and hard times in the shabby office buildings, Zoom has gained a place at almost every home and office in the world at the present.

useful vocabulary

gird one’s loins (v): prepare oneself for something difficult or challenging.

drag one’s heels (v): to do something slowly or not start it because you do not want to do it.

at a crossroads (adv): at a point of decision or a critical juncture

lay the foundation of (v): to produce the basic ideas or structures from which something much larger develops:

lunch (v): to begin something such as a plan or introduce something new such as a product:

client (n): a computer that is connected to a server (= large central computer) from which it gets information

competitor (n): a person, team, or company that is competing against others

stand out (v): to be much better than other similar things or people



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