“….I looked at the Turkish flag, Atatürk is in front of me, I see my own reflection on the flag because it is framed by a glass… I swore from my heart, I said: I will go and have a say there if it is fortunate, then I will come and deal with those dishonorable people here. At that time, I understood that if I stay here, I will be a slave of America, if I go there, I will be the master of America, I will come here and fight them more easily. And here they sent us……”

That’s how he tells the beginning of his story

  • Oktay Sinanoğlu was born in Bari, where his father was serving in the Consulate General of Turkey. Oktay Sinanoğlu and his family in Italy in 1939, II. He returned to Turkey with his family after the start of World War II. Oktay Sinanoğlu entered Ankara Yenişehir High School, which later became TED College, as a scholarship student and graduated first in 1953. He went to the USA to study Chemical Engineering with the scholarship of the school. In 1956, he graduated from the University of California, Berkeley Chemical Engineering in the first place. So far, a successful student life begins to turn into a science legend. 


     Firsts and Bests …


  • He became Associate Professor in 1960-1961 with the multi-electron theory of atoms and molecules.
  • In 1963, he gained the title of full professor at the age of 28 by introducing a mathematical theory that could not be solved for 50 years.He is the youngest lecturer to win this title in the 20th century.
  • In 1962, the Board of Trustees of the Middle East Technical University gave him the title of Consultant Professor for the “first” time, exclusive to Oktay Sinanoğlu.
  • In 1973, he was the first to win Germany’s highest “Alexander von Humboldt Science Award”.
  • In 1975, he won Japan’s “International Distinguished Scientist Award”; Oktay Sinanoğlu still a special law in 1975 “first and only” the Republic of Turkey was given the title of professor. He is also the “first and only” Turkish member of the American Academy of Science and Art.


yale professor


            What did he leave for us?


  • He is one of the first professors of the molecular biology branch that has just begun to be established in the world.
  • He worked in the Chemistry Department at the Yıldız Teknik university for about 9 years. he has conducted more studies on Turkey Turkish Language and National Identity in Turkey.
  • He has always contributed to the advancement of science around the world. P.A.M. A problem that Dirac also deals with but cannot solve is in quantum mechanics (the topology of Hilbert space and its high symmetries). Oktay Sinanoğlu solved what he could not. Thanks to him, he established the science of chemistry on a solid foundation with this topological study.
  • Oktay Sinanoğlu, who passed away on April 19, 2015, is one of the most important scientists not only for our country but also worldwide.


I would like to complete my article with a word of Oktay Sinanoğlu.


“… YOUNG, Turkey’s pieces have become a showpiece Avoid jobs. Do not go to higher education just because they say they graduated from university, and your mother and father can boast of having a master’s degree in America. In the end, you can only deceive yourself. Your main goals are beyond your own little interests, except yourself, for this country, this nation, the Turkish world, Eurasia, humanity. Work for your high goals. Then your own situation will automatically improve. Balance material and spirituality. Your formula is science and heart. If one of these two wings is missing, neither you nor humanity will benefit you ”


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