Hello, in today’s writing we’ll give you information about the guide to the road of success, personal SWOT analysis. All of us try to achieve success and make it continue. However unfortunately most of us overlook analysing ourselves in this way. Like everyone has different strong and weak points, in the road of success there are opportunities and threats that can be encountered. Only when these factors are properly analysed, permanent success can be possible. Right at this moment personal SWOT analysis step in.

What is SWOT Analysis?

SWOT analysis; is a method that takes powerful or weak, advantageous or disadvantageous points as a whole. It helps us to understand our improvable points, notice opportunities and forecast threats that we can encounter. SWOT is an acronym of Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats.

How to Do Personal SWOT Analysis?

Personal SWOT analysis is on  a mission to identify our current situation and make some improvements to it while mirroring internal and external factors. Strengths and weaknesses are used for observing internal factors while opportunities and threats are used for external factors. Then let’s come and look hot to do personal SWOT analysis together.

First of all, you should take a paper to note our answers for questions we are about to ask together. After that you should draw one vertical and one horizontal line to the paper and seperate it to four sections. We can start to analyse our scheme when we finished writing our titles; In the left upmost corner ‘Strengths’, in the right upmost corner ‘Weaknesses’, in the bottom left corner ‘Opportunities’ and in the bottom right corner ‘Threats’

Identifying Strengths

We can use some questions to help us find our strengths. However in order to make a true analysis it is very important that we should pretend to be an outside look and answer every question as trustworthy as possible. If you want we can now start to ask questions and note our strengths.

  1. What are your specialties that others don’t have? (education/talents)
  2. What are the things that you make better than the others?
  3. What are your characteristics that differ you from other people?
  4. What are your past achievements?

Identifying Weaknesses

Identifying weaknesses can be a bit harder than to identify our strengths. Because in this section, we have to face ourselves a bit more and be ready for consequences that we might not like. But we shouldn’t forget that facing our weaknesses makes us stronger. That’s why let us start to ask our questions while not forgetting we are maybe in the most important part of Personal SWOT analysis.

  1. What are the topics that we think we are bad at?
  2. What do we avoid?
  3. In which areas do you see yourself lacking, in what areas do you need improvement?
  4. What negative habits do you have?

Discovering Opportunities

In order to analyse external factors we need to discover our opportunities as well as possible. Some situations we are in, the city we live or schools we attend might present us some opportunities that we can’t see. To notice those we can use these questions:

  1. Can you turn what your competitors are struggling to do to your advantage?
  2. Do you have contacts with people who will help you or contribute to your development?
  3. Are there any trainings around you where you can improve yourself?

Noticing Threats

Another contribution of personal SWOT analysis is it allows us to notice our threats beforehand and make some preparations for it. Then how do you notice threats; These questions will help you.

  1. What harm can your strengths or weaknesses do to you?
  2. How do you react when faced with any threat?
  3. Are there situations or people that put you in trouble?
  4. Do you use your time efficiently, do you have enough time?

Trying to get to know ourselves is an important as well as demanding process. At this moment SWOT analysis provides a solid framework. Analyzing by asking yourself the questions I gave as examples above or other questions that are appropriate for you will be very helpful in getting to know yourself and determining your strategies. After filling every section you should look at SWOT analysis in a wider perspective and determine your needs. In order to achieve personal success and make it permanent, you should highlight your strengths and improve your weaknesses as much as possible. In addition, you should evaluate your opportunities and threats well by never ignoring external factors.

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