In this article, I would like to mention about IOT (Internet of Things) in an environment where the cyber world is in the most critical position, and is talked as the next industrial revolution.

The internet and websites have become very important for us as we have seen during pandemic today. We started to do our things (almost our all works ) such as shopping, entertainment and banking via digital environment. This ongoing progress over the years perhaps had to develop rapidly in a 6-month period during this time, and those who cannot keep up with it have disappeared or will go away like Nokia.

What is the Internet of Things

In our previous articles, we briefly talked about cloud computing and stated that the toaster, which John Romkey connected to it with a computer in 1990 was considered as the first IoT device and as a result of this the first IoT has come into existence.

IOT is defined as the ‘Internet of Things’ and is a paradigm that enables smart devices to connect to each other via the internet, control data and implementation process as desired.

Where is IoT used?

The Internet of Things is used in areas such as industry, energy systems, home, automation, logistics, healthcare and agriculture. We can give the much-used SCADA system as an example for this. SCADA system is a system that provides central monitoring and control of remote production and transmission lines.

In addition, it is also fed from the “Big Data” that we are all aware of, a pool that includes the concept which all digital data is collected in one place and continues to grow constantly. The principles of 3V “Volume, Velocity and Variety” are adopted in all of these relationships. In other words, the volume of information, transfer speeds and their diversity…

IOT and Big Data are two different and connected concepts that should be considered and analayzed together.

IOT and Bluetooth 5


We have known Bluetooth for a long time. It was a medium through which we send media to each other especially between phones, but day by day it got involved in our smartphones, computers and television. Today, we are talking about its most developed form. In a more defined way, it enables smart devices to contact between themselves and in this sense causes IOT. For Bluetooth 5;

  • Long Range ( here it is said that a bluetooth device will have an area to cover the whole house.)
  • Speed ( will increase from 1 MBps to 2 and there will be no increase in energy consumption.)
  • Bandwidth (will be increased by 800%, which means more data.)

those features above stand out. It is estimated that around 48 million devices will be covered by bluetooth in 2021/22. This corresponds to approximately 96% of all devices.

Useful Vocabulary

  • industrial revolution (n): any period of time during which there is a lot of growth in industry or in a particular industry
  • keep up with something (phr v):  to go or make progress at the same rate as (others) 

  • come into existence (idiom): to begin to exist
  • stand out (phr v): to be easily seen or noticed
  • energy consumption: the amount of energy used by individuals, companies, countries, etc
  • estimate (v): to guess or calculate the cost, size, value, etc. of something
  • correspond (v): to match or be similar or equal

In Turkish: IOT (Nesnelerin İnterneti) Nedir ve Nerelerde Kullanılır?

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