ERP, which has started to be used by all companies today and has become seriously popular in recent years, will become indispensable with the onset and increase of the pandemic. What is ERP, which constitutes the main system of companies, what is ERP expansion and where is ERP used, let’s have information together!

What is ERP? What is the Expansion of ERP?

ERP, which has the “enterprise resource planning” expansion, continues to be the favorite of companies in recent years. Although this is the answer we can give to the question of what ERP stands for, ERP is a corporate planning tool.

This system, which was previously included in some large companies, has now started to be in all companies and institutions with the pandemic and the culture of working from home.

The ERP system, which we will begin to see in SMEs (small and medium sized enterprises) and medium-sized institutions in the coming years, generally means that the daily work of a company and the data that should be kept in Excel are found in a common system, free from major errors.

This system, which can provide services in subjects such as supply, product design, material management, customer management, product management, financial management and cost, has become a computer software that businesses pay serious money for in terms of its general structure.

What is ERP and where is it used?

ERP Systems can be used in all institutions that have a commercial business structure within the business structure. So, can all businesses answer the question of what is ERP and where is it used? All businesses that need information and processing, from a market to a holding, from a hospital to a foundation, can use this system.

Why is ERP Important? Why is ERP Necessary?

In previous years, businesses kept and processed their data in Excel. This can cause a lot of errors in the name of both being a workload and not being a common system. Businesses use their data in ERP systems to be organized and well-processed. In other words, imagine that several different departments can follow the processes, work orders, sales-marketing processes instantly… ERP is the answer on behalf of a large company for why it is needed.

These systems are widely used because they can be developed and can be customized according to the company.

What are ERP Modules? What are the Basic Modules of ERP Software?

There are ready-made modules within the ERP. Ready modules that can be tailored to specific requirements as well as the company as well as the basic modules of ERP software and can be implemented by programmers in customizable modules.

  • Stock management
  • Current Management
  • Supply Management
  • Sales Management
  • Financial Management
  • General accounting
  • Warehouse Management
  • Production management
  • Foreign Trade Management
  • Project management
  • Budget management
  • Human Resources Management
  • Mobile ERP and Business Intelligence Applications

Stock management

It provides a comfortable implementation of stock management by defining the stock cards in the details and features according to the needs of the business.

Current Management

It is a module that allows you to collect the data and transaction details of all your stakeholders within your business in a single environment.

Supply Management

In the Supply Management Module, you can create, manage and monitor procurement processes by keeping all your processes under control, from demand-offer to product acceptance.

Sales Management

Sales Management Applications allow you to keep all your sales processes under control with its integrated sub-modules.

Finance Management

It ensures to keep the business ready and determined by planning its financial resources in the best way.

General accounting

It allows you to easily process your general ledger transactions, where legislative changes can be monitored instantly.

Warehouse Management

By making your warehouse and cell definitions, you can perform all your operations on a warehouse and cell basis.

Production management

You can easily and effectively manage your production stages and be aware of every moment of production. Thus, it is important for you to have knowledge of applications such as work study and process standards and to make applications in terms of the efficiency of the enterprise.

Foreign Trade Management

Foreign Trade Management allows you to keep your export processes and shipments under control.

Project management

It ensures that all processes are monitored and managed on a project basis in businesses that do project-based business.

Budget management

Budget Management Module allows you to plan your income and expenses in advance.

Human Resources Management

This module provides the best way to manage and follow the personnel, who constitute the most basic building blocks of the enterprises.

Mobile ERP and Business Intelligence Applications

By integrating the offered modules with mobile phones and other smart devices, it ensures that all business processes are easily followed through mobile technologies.

What are ERP Softwares? What are ERP Models?

Although there are many different companies that produce ERP systems, there are two different ERP software companies that dominate the market. Canias ERP and SAP ERP. Although these two software companies always appear in response to the question of What is ERP, Canias and SAP are service providers.

We can say that most of the companies are dominated by these two ERP service providers. Of course, their names may change according to preference and efficiency, but two of which we hear a lot will be Canias and SAP.

What Does an ERP Certificate Do?

Thanks to enterprise resource planning (ERP), situations such as erroneous entries and data loss, which will pose a negative impact for the business, are prevented. It will also be very important to have employees who have a good command of this system and will operate the system well. In response to the question of what is the ERP Certificate for, it is a certificate for people who know the system well and can process data well and correctly.

5 Important Modules and Usage Areas in Canias ERP

As we mentioned before, Canias ERP is one of the most used ERP software. Some important modules used in Canias ERP are with you:

BAST01: Main Applications

SALT01: Opening order, waybill, invoice etc.

INT01: Warehouse/Stock Operation

BAST02: Material Main Boards

HCTM: Human Resources Practices


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