Today, in our digitalized and growing world, we are undoubtedly surrounded by the internet and its derivatives… And we are creating a new digital world in this world. Let’s take a look at the digital design that represents this digital world and integrates with visuality!

What Does the Word Digital Mean?

The word digital, defined by the Turkish Language Association as “electronic display of data on a screen”, has been the focus of all of us for many years. It is the clearest manifestation of digitalization that we now read the news from websites rather than from newspapers, and that we see brand advertisements on social media rather than on billboards.
For this reason, while associating the word digital with design, we should realize that it is not beyond the screen we have looked at, and we should consider digital design within these frames. When we say what is digital design, we can say that a design is displayed electronically on the screen.

What is Digital Design? What is Digital Graphic Design?

Templates and designs you see on social media sites, also app designs on the devices we use is products of graphic design.

What is digital design

When we look at the history of digital design, we can probably base it on the first digital computer invented. In other words, a digitality has been with us since 1945, and it continues to develop with each passing day, both with the enrichment of the contents and the creation of designs in different combinations.
We can associate digital design with graphic design today. Graphic designer today can create a book, ad, social media template, etc. While designing things like this, of course, it takes a place in the digital world and when we ask ourselves the question of what is digital design, it can cause us to remember it together with graphic design.

What is Digital Media Design? What is Digital Design?

Digital media design includes the communication of a brand with its customers and social media. It provides a brand communication that we see on the internet. For this, a digital media design/digital design that is remarkable and reflects the brand is required.
Communications and all actions taken within the framework of digital media design are important for the brand to reach the right target audience and maintain its existence.

What are Graphic Design Programs?/Digital Design Applications

There are many graphic design and digital design programs in the market, but as we mentioned in an article before, there is a brand that has almost taken over the market.
For this article, you can have a general knowledge by reading our articles “Process in Digital Design and Programs That Can Be Used”
Some digital programs are:
  • Corel Draw
  • Adobe Illustrator (Ai)
  • Adobe InDesign
  • Adobe Photoshop (Ps)
  • 3DS Max
  • Adobe Flash ve ActionScript
  • Free Hand
  • Adobe Dreamweawer

Although Corel Draw is a program that is generally used for printing, Adobe’s programs are programs that are dominated by almost all of the industry and are known by everyone. Among the companies that come to mind in the question of what is digital design, Adobe is undoubtedly the one that has been going on for years.

If you want more detail about Adobe, you can read our article “Popular Adobe Programs Overview”.

How to Learn Graphic Design Programs?

  • Learn the dynamics of the program, get technical information.
  • Do a lot of research and watch.
  • Take care to practice.
  • Archive the files you practice, create your own folder.
  • Check out the work done by others.
  • Store material for yourself.
  • Keep a notebook, write down the information you learn that is specific to you.
  • Master the shortcuts.

For more detailed information, you can take a look at our 8 Important Advice for Beginners in Graphic Design.

How is Digital Design Made?

In addition to the question of what is digital design, the question of how it is done is also asked. Digital design is done first of all by learning programs and practicing them. You can gain experience and added value by learning the dynamics of the program and improving yourself through the programs mentioned above.

You can also check out the ManhattanGraphic channel for our graphic design videos.

What Does Graphics and Animation Mean?

Graphic means “showing with shape, pattern or lines”, while animation means “animation”.

Graphics and animation, which we hear a lot in the question of what is digital design, are indispensable in the digital world. We can call the visual and playable materials that you see on the internet, made through programs, animation. Of course, there are designers in the market who focus on animation and graphics. It is of great importance in terms of providing and strengthening the communication of brands in the digital world on both sides.

What is Graphics and Animation Course?

Graphic and animation courses are among the most important content for graphic designers who are interested in digital design in the market. They are important courses for developing your vision and increasing your technical skills with many related videos and articles on the Internet.

In terms of content, we can say that graphics and animation courses, which are frequently included in programs such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Premier Pro Adobe, After Effects, are of vital importance for those interested in digital design.

The advice we can give you for this is to watch videos by working within the program you are trying to learn on YouTube and Udemy platforms.

How Long Does a Graphic Design Course Take?

Graphic design courses are mostly content that you can find on YouTube and Udemy. Together, these contents can build on your talent for digital design and gain insights to do better work. Although graphic design courses vary in content, it takes a lot of experimentation to master a program.

There are even 12-hour courses in Udemy. You can accelerate your learning process according to the trials and studies you have done, and you can have experience by completing a shorter course more efficiently.

What is Human-Centered Design?/What is User-Centered Design?

In our previous articles (What is Ergonomics, What Is It Good For? Let’s Take A Brief Look At What Ergonomics Is! – 2021 TheManhattan) we talked about ergonomic design. Ergonomic design is a human-oriented design that is easy to use and perceive. For this reason, the answer to the question of what is human-centered design will undoubtedly be ergonomic design. Every design made, whether digital or physical, should be simple to perceive by people, easy to use and noticeable.

Digital Design Salary Scale

In the digital design world, graphic designers and motion graphic designers work in many companies in different sectors. While a designer working in the public sector in our country receives a salary of around 3000 TL, the salary of a Digital Designer for the private sector can vary between the minimum wage and 4000 TL.

Considering that based on the content a designer produces, the earnings from the job are variable in the free market, imagine the cost of designing a logo could be $100,000. For this reason, your experience in the sector you work in and what it has contributed to you over the years is of great importance and determines your salary or value.

For this reason, what we refer to as the salary scale is open-ended. Since there is no such thing as salary for freelancer graphic designers, we can think that this amount is around 4,000 TL for graphic artists working in public and companies.

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