Since the transition from real currencies to virtual (crypto) currencies started with the development of technology, data mining has emerged today. Because people use computer graphics cards for data mining the price of these cards showed a serious increase compared to a few years earlier. That’s why it’s become harder to find graphics cards in the market. This situation pushes gamers to find an alternative path: We will examine how cloud gaming platforms such as GeForce NOW, Xcloud, Amazon Luna and Google Stadia can take a place in the future of gaming.

In this age where everything is evolving, the game industry has been transitioned to a new generation. In console games (Xbox and Sony); On the PC side, NVIDIA and AMD introduced advanced new generation cards to the market. Cloud gaming platforms, which will become the biggest alternative in the future, continue to develop rapidly.

Companies that do not want to make the mistake of Nokia have already started to invest in cloud gaming platforms. NVIDIA => GeForce NOW, Xbox => Xcloud, Amazon => Amazon Luna and Google => Google Stadia platforms continue to evolve.

What is a Cloud Gaming Platform?

Cloud gaming is a system where the games we play are run by a remote server and afterwards transferred to our computer, phone or tablet. To better understand this term, we recommend that you first read our cloud computing article.

Cloud Gaming Platforms

  • Amazon Luna
  • Geforce NOW
  • Google Stadia
  • Xcloud

Amazon Luna

First of all, the system does not currently provide service in our country. Amazon is an important company that continues to develop with the steps it has taken in the game industry. Amazon Luna, which can have an important place among cloud gaming platforms, is trying to provide users with a quality experience by taking power from Amazon’s servers. A monthly fee of $5.99 is required for the Luna+ channel within the service. At the same time, you can subscribe to the channels opened by the developers on the system and play their games. After the agreement with Ubisoft, Ubisoft will have its own channel in the system and new games will be on Luna as soon as they are released. The subscription fee for the Ubisoft channel is $14.99. The service also has its own controller.

Geforce NOW

GeForce Now is the brand name used by three cloud gaming services offered by Nvidia. It works on the principle of directing a remote computer with powerful hardware through a fast internet connection and transferring the image from the computer to the player. The Nvidia Shield version of GeForce Now, formerly known as Nvidia GRID, was released in beta in 2013, and Nvidia officially announced the name on September 30, 2015. It is delivered to subscribers via video streaming on Nvidia servers during the subscription period.

GeForce Now has reached a partnership with Nvidia and Turkcell to serve in Turkey. As a result of this partnership, GeForce Now started to serve under the name of Gameplus, the cloud-based game service of Turkcell, with the server support provided by Turkcell in Turkey.

Google Stadia

Google Stadia debuted in November 2019. Unlike other platforms, Google Stadia wants you to buy the game you want to play for Stadia by using the service instead of a library system. So Google Stadia games are sold separately. One of the highlights of Stadia is that it has its own controller. Thanks to this controller, you can have a compatible gaming experience in the Stadia ecosystem. Stadia can work on all laptops, desktops and mobile devices. Support up to 4K 60 FPS is offered in the pro package of the service.


It plans to use its leadership in the cloud industry, as other vendors do, to market in the cloud gaming arena. We did not have the opportunity to experience xCloud, which the company recently started beta testing, but we think that the company, which has been trying to quickly gain a foothold in the game world, will offer it as a competitive service with a very full game library.

What is GameHub?

Game Hub

It draws attention as a cloud platform that allows you to play games that require high power on your browser without downloading them on low-configured computers.[1]

Internet Speed

To use cloud gaming platforms, you must have a stable internet connection. Since the most frequently complained issue in our country is the Internet connection, various doubts may arise before using these services. Most platforms require a minimum internet speed of around 20-25 Mbps for 1080p service. The average internet speed for Turkey in 2020 is 27.86 Mbps. This means that if your speed is close to average, you can get 1080p service.

Of course, the latency values and the stability of your speed are also of great importance. That’s why servers are very important. Thanks to the servers that cloud gaming platforms open in Turkey, the delay can be minimized, but not every platform attempts to open a server for Turkey, which causes delays in usage in our country. You can enhance your experience with the least possible latency and the highest and stable Internet speed.

Benefits of Cloud Gaming

  • It eliminates the need to purchase additional devices.
  • It can be accessed from almost any device with an internet connection.
  • Games are becoming an entertainment tool that is much more easily obtained and experienced.
  • The game industry can spread to large audiences.

Harms of Cloud Gaming

  • Many platforms are not currently located in Turkey.
  • Pricing is currently out of the question for most platforms. (Due to the exchange rate of Dollar and Euro)
  • Internet connections in Turkey are not stable and there is a lag problem.
  • Unless companies open a server in Turkey, the problem of latency cannot go away.
  • Some companies may incur extra costs with extra subscription and device support.

Although cloud gaming services sound good, unfortunately they are not a very reasonable option in our country for now due to high subscription fees and additional costs. The high-speed internet packages required to use these services also have very high fees in our country. When you calculate the average internet fee, subscription money and VPN cost you can almost buy a computer in installments.

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