• Scientists can use the graphite anode of Li-ion batteries even after 1700 cycles. developed a new binder material that protects against degradation.

Anyone who has owned a smartphone for over a year is well aware that the lithium (Li) ion battery does not hold as much charge as when the device was new. The deterioration of Li-ion batteries is a serious problem that severely limits the life of portable electronic devices, indirectly causing a large amount of pollution and economic losses. In addition, Li-ion batteries are not very durable, posing a major obstacle to the electric vehicle market and renewable energy. Given the seriousness of these problems, it is not surprising that researchers are actively seeking ways to improve the state-of-the-art designs of Li-ion batteries.

  • Capacity over time in Li-ion batteries of the main reasons for his downfall one commonly used graphite anodes (negative) is spoiled.

To solve these problems, Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (JAIST) research team, bis-imino-acenap hthenequinone-paraphenylene New made from (BP) copolymer explores a type of connector. At ACS Applied Energy Materials published by Profe sir Noriyoshi Matsumi was directed.

     From what angles does the BP copolymer conventional for graphite

anodes Better than PVDF binder performing?

First, BP connector, important offers significantly better mechanical stability and adhesion to the anode. It, partially bis-imino-acenaphthenquinone π-π between groups and graphite copper current Good adhesion to the collector is due. Secondly, BP copolymer only from PVDF not only is it much more conductive, also less resistant a thinner conductive solid electrolyte creates the interface. Third, BP copolymer with electrolyte easily it does not react, which greatly prevents its degradation.

bringing durable batteries to life, for long-term use It will help develop more reliable products. It, consumers will be used for many years more like electric vehicles buy expensive battery-based assets will encourage you to buy. Also, resistant batteries, specific heart like patients with illnesses for those who rely on artificial organs He also stated that it would be good news.
Of course, how smart you are every day Considering that phones, tablets and laptops are used and charged, the general population is also will benefit

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