Hormones have great effects on human life. We have researched the effects of some hormones on our lives. Here are 3 hormones and their effects that regulate our lives…

1- Serotonin :

Serotonin is described as the ‘happiness hormone’. It regulates sleep, sexual energy, mood and appetite. Low serotonin levels can cause irritable, restless and depressed moods. It manages the movements of the muscle system in the stomach and intestine area, regulates your pain perception system and provides a restful sleep.



2- Noradrenaline and Adrenaline :

  •    The stress hormone noradrenaline is described as your body’s alarm signal. It informs you that you are in danger. This alarm arises when danger looms in your daily life. Anger rises more in situations of anger, aggression.

The task of this hormone is to prepare the organism for immediate action. When it comes to stressful situations, adrenaline purifies the organism together with the neuradrenaline it acts in common.

According to experts, one of the most important tasks of adrenaline is to ensure that the energy stores formed by digesting sugar and fat in metabolism are put into use in emergency situations.

  •      Adrenaline rises in distress, fear, and depression. For example, when you suddenly meet a person you fear, it increases the amount of insulin and fat in the blood, making you more energetic. Melatonin begins to be secreted as it gets dark and programs us into sleep. Its production decreases during the day. Our biological clock is driven by melatonin. Night work, long-distance travels, or excessive stress negatively affect the balance of our body, as well as the melatonin production process.

3- Oxytocin :

Oxytocin is a mammalian hormone that acts primarily as a neuromodulator in the brain. It is synthesized in the hypothalamus in the brain and released from the posterior pituitary. It is also known to be produced and secreted in the heart.




    Useful Vocabulary

  • Ensure (verb) : to make certain that something is done or happens .
  • Posterior (adj) : positioned at or towards the back .
  • İrritable (adj) : becoming annoyed very easily .
  • Digest (verb): to change food in your stomach into substances that your body can use .
  • İntestine (noun) : a long tube that carries food from your stomach .


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