As we’ve talked about in our previous writings; Industrial Engineering can be adapted to many different areas. Purchasing specialist, production planning engineer, automation engineering, IT business analyst, project management are some of these areas. One of the engineers mentioned with industrial engineering is a business development specialist or business development engineer. Let’s look at what business development specialist do together.

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What is Development?

In order to understand the topic of “what a business development specialist do” we must know what the Business Development field is and what it means in the first place. Development can be described as moving anything installed and done to a higher level, strengthening its features and current condition. Development is found in all areas of life; personal-communal, structural and superficial, as well as in business life.

What is Business Development Specialist/Engineer?

We can say that business development specialist is a responsible someone who tries to strengthen a product or a service in the market, move it to different markets and determines strategies in lines with these goals. Within these responsibilities, establishing connections with potential customers in the actions taken for the institution, defining the product or service that customers may need and working on this are among the main responsibilities. She/He makes studies and takes actions according to these ideas.

When we consider development and improvement must be continuous business development specialist has taken an important place for institutions.

What Does Business Development Specialist Do?

In the previous paragraph we had a general knowledge about what does business development specialist do. When we say business development specialist, this topic comes to mind already. Then, in more detail, what does business development specialist do?

  • Improvement of services or products in line with the mission and vision of the institution, and its perfection.
  • Conducts market research for companies and institutions to survive and supply their products or services and tries to increase its share in existing markets.
  • Makes an opportunity research to buy products and services.
  • As a result of communication with customers, it plays a role in the production of products or services for the needs and in the development and improvement of the existing operation.
  • It contributes to financial regulations according to the needs of the institution.

What is Business Development and How Its Done?

The answer for how business development is done, is gets on well with the answer for what does the business development specialist do but of course this process progresses scientifically through some major processes. These are, opportunity research, feasibility, creating job plans and its applications.

  • Opportunity Research aims to investigate the correct moves on behalf of the institution by analyzing the operations and movements of the sector and competitors in order to gain competitive advantage in the market or to expand its share in the market. In this way, It takes strengthening and developing in the market by applying the right moves in sector-based opportunities as a mission.
  • Feasibility is a stage that shows a more rational approach by measuring the feasibility and accuracy of the opportunities that are obtained and considered to be implemented. In this section, researches and cost analyzes are made in favor of the institution. Within this section, there are departments that form the main line of the institution such as marketing, human resources, and logistics from other departments.
  • Business Plan helps to prepare the situation pragmatically by advancing the rational approach as a result of research and analysis. In this section, legal and financial decisions take priority.
  • Application / Project Implementation is the stage where the coordination actually starts, and the situation is poured concretely.

What is the Purpose of Business Development?

The main purpose of the business development is to always make the institution and implemented process more competitive. It is applied in order to improve its shortcomings, to make it more suitable for the customer even if it does not have any deficiencies, and to have high power in the market.

For this purpose, institutions will want to increase its competitiveness without looking at the sector. In this direction, they take it as a mission to pursue opportunities, to analyze the captured opportunities in the fastest and most accurate way.

Which University Department for Business Development?

Today different engineering branches can work together in the same department. Meaning, like a machine engineer can become a marketing man, a computer engineer can work as a CEO. In short, every engineer can be like every other engineer. However, looking at different engineering branches in here the most suitable one becomes, of course, the Industrial Engineering.

Industrial Engineers, as you all know, is a field that takes lectures from many different fields and called the mixture of all engineering departments. It takes many different roles in the sector, as we’ve talked about in What is Industrial Engineering? What are the job opportunities? writing. The Department of Industrial Engineering stands out as a department in terms of its training and equipment.

As we mentioned in the title “What Does a Business Development Specialist Do?”, It has an important place in terms of having the knowledge and equipment that play a role in making critical decisions.

How Much Business Development Specialists Earn?

According to the data of, the positions of the employees that works as a Business Development Specialists as they progress in their careers and the average salaries, they receive were calculated by giving the information of 166 people.

Senior Business Development Specialist 7.850 TL 8.360 TL 9.540 TL
Business Development Specialist 3.930 TL 6.230 TL 9.720 TL
Business Development Specialist Assistant 3.820 TL 4.740 TL 5.890 TL

What are the Business Development Techniques?

There are some main techniques that used in business development processes. When we take a scientific approach, the techniques that stand out among business development methods are given below.

  • Levey Theory
  • Simulation Method
  • Filter Method
  • Renewed Serial Techniques
  • SWOT Analyzes
  • Closed Box Method
  • Osborn Method
  • Formality Method

Levey Theory

In this theory, which is also known as the conditional association method, all ideas are brought together without criticism and then the production phase is started.

Simulation Method

It is based on testing the improvements or goals to be made in the digital environment. These virtual trials, conducted through software such as Arena, Promodel, ProcessModel, Delmia, are observed before the action and play a role in the development of the process.

Filter Method

As the name suggests, although it is a method that aims to filter the ideas and opinions put forward and reduce them to the minimum level, it is made by discussing the anti-theses corresponding to the ideas.

Renewed Serial Techniques

It is a technique that directly eliminates opinions which does not have any high profit or benefit to the will be developed situation.

SWOT Analyzes

Along with being a technique that deals with the analysis of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats altogether, It also a technique that used in business development. In this way, we can easily observe the normal state of the development and analysis to be made.

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Closed Box Method

Although it is a method that addresses current or possible needs, it is a method that positions how these needs will be changed according to the state of innovation.

Osborn Method

It is a method that analyzes an existing product or process using a predefined survey to develop new perspectives and solutions.

Formality Method

It is a set of mathematical methods used in development and verification.

As mentioned, we tried to touch on topics like what a business development specialist is, what a business development specialist does, and how to do business development. When we consider a company, the business development procedure is a continuous mechanism and is important in order to move the company forward.

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