Artificial Intelligence is an invention that allows a computer or a computer system connected robot to do some actions similiar to living creatures. We are curious about artificial intelligence technology, which, along with the advancement of technology, has gained more place in our lives and are thinking about how it will effect our future lives.

Artificial Intelligence based TV shows has gained a huge interest since they mention theories about these topics. In our writing we talk about 7 fascinating AI-based sci-fi TV Shows. We wish you a good reading.


Aired: 2016 – …

Genre: Dram, Mystery, Sci-fi

IMDb Score: 8,7

Rotten Tomatoes Score: %82

Cast: Evan Rachel Wood, Jeffrey Wright, Ed Harris

Westworld, which favored among AI-based TV shows, is one of the shows that attract attention with It’s interesting topic and famous actors. The show that magnificently blends sci-fi and western themes is actually an adaptation of a film.

Westworld, is a specificly built some kind of entertainment place, theme park designed town for adventure and amuzement seeking people. Everything is allowed in the entertainment park. Killing, stealing, raping for fun comes out as a daily occurrence. While robots in the Westworld named as “Hosts”, the humans who joined this simulation named “Guests”.

Guests are free to treat their host as they want; They can use violence, they can kill robots if they want. One day, due to a problem acquired in the main computer robots become free and humans, become the robots’ target.

Black Mirror

Aired: 2011 – …

Genre: Dram, Sci-fi, Thriller

IMDb Score: 8,8

Rotten Tomatoes Score: %83

Cast: Bryce Dallas Howard, Alice Eve, Michael Kelly

It is the most popular of the artificial intelligence series and is broadcasting on the Netflix platform, which is one of the few productions that flawlessly refers moral issues in each episode of the popular series. Demo versions of technological devices, which has a high probability of being invented in the distant future, introduced to the audience.

Black Mirror is a special TV show that focus the audience to independent to each other and different topics. The episodes having no relationship with each other allows a great advantage for the audience who missed the episodes. Along with this, the common feature of all the episodes is they take place in a period in which the technological devices upgraded to a new era.

To sum up, Black Mirror takes the topic of humanity and humanity’s dark sides relationship to artificial intelligence. The series underlines the infiniteness of technology, it also harshly criticizes today’s issues like social media usage, racism and capitalist thinking.

Altered Carbon

Aired: 2018 – 2020

Genre: Action, Dram, Sci-fi

IMDb Score: 8

Rotten Tomatoes Score: %75

Cast: Chris Conner, Renée Elise Goldsberry, Will Yun Lee

Altered Carbon, which adapted from the comics in the same name, sets in an alternate future where humans can transfer their character and soul to a new body. Altered Carbon, is about a technological dystopia in the future 300 years from now. Each death in the series is become a choice for humans instead of an end. The series tells about the humans make their clones or use other bodies to live hundreds of years.

Takeshi Kovacs, is a soldier from an elite team of intersteller warriors. But when the team suffers a severe defeat after a burgeoning rebellion Takeshi becomes the only surviving soldier. Takeshi’s mind imprisoned “in ice” and freezed until a very wealthy man named Laurens Bancroftm apears hundreds of years later. Laurens, gives Takeshi a chance to come back to life. However in exchange he has to solve an extremly tough murder.

Battlestar Galactica

Aired: 2004 – 2009

Genre: Sci-fi, Action, Dram

IMDb Score: 8,7

Rotten Tomatoes Score: %96

Cast: Edward James Olmos, Mary McDonnell, Jamie Bamber

Humans have created robots named “Cylon” to help them in their daily work. In time Cylons rebelled and fought against humans. Later, they settled in the depths of space, where they developed themselves and became a species that could identically copy and take the form of a human. 40 years after the 1st war, they obtained the codes of human defend system to start an attack and killed billions of people. When the ceasefire that lasted for a long time ended due to Cylons’ attack, humanity’s last hope is to run away from the planet with a spaceship called Battlestar Galactica.


Aired: 2004 – 2009

Genre: Dram, Sci-fi

IMDb Score: 8

Rotten Tomatoes Score: %94

Cast: Katherine Parkinson, Gemma Chan, Lucy Carless

The show sets in a future where humans produced synthetics (android, robots that look like humans) that will make people’s lives easier and can-do housework to help their daily lives. Synthetics does not have normal emotions, thoughts and free will. Except “some special” synthetics… The show is based on the story of a willed synths group and the people around them.


Aired: 2019 – …

Genre: Romantic, Sci-fi

IMDb Score: 5,9

Rotten Tomatoes Score: %100

Cast: Agathe Bonitzer, Hugo Becker, Gaël Kamilindi

Set in a near future Paris, the series is about what happened after a new matchmaking application was launched. This AI application analyze people’s brain data to find their soulmate in anywhere around the globe. However, finding the true love comes with a big price. You can give a chance to one of the most recent AI-based tv series, OSMOSİS.

Weird City

Aired: 2019 – …

Genre: Comedy, Sci-fi

IMDb Score: 5,9

Rotten Tomatoes Score: %84

Cast: Cynthy Wu, LeVar Burton, Anthony Holiday

Among the artificial intelligence series, the one that aired on YouTube platform, Weird City started airing on YouTube Originals on February 13 with its first episode. The series, created by Jordan Peele, is a science fiction and comedy anthology series.

6 episode long series, each episode told a different story, tells about what happened in a city named Weird. The rich and the poor people living in the city, split between the ones above the line (The Haves) and the ones below the line (The Have Nots). The development of health care, relationships and topics like transportation creates the main elements of the show.

You can find the series we talked about on Netflix, Youtube Originals platforms.

We wish all of you a good time. See you in our next writing…

Useful Vocabulary

Attract (something) (v): To cause something to focus on a topic

Blend (v): To mix two ro more things togather completely

Independent to each other (adj): not connected with or influenced by each other

Underline (something) (v): to emphasize or show that something is important or true

Adapt (v): to change a book or play so that it can be made into a play, film, television drama, etc.

Burgeoning (adj): beginning to grow or develop rapidly

Make (something) easier (phr v): To lower the difficulty of something

Come with a price (v): Acquire something by giving a huge cost

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